The Michael Stich Foundation finances itself entirely through donations. Feel free to find more detailed information about our aid efforts under direct aid and prevention.

Donation accounts

You can help bring a smile to the faces of HIV-infected and affected families and their children with your donations and your interest. Thank you very much!

Hamburger Volksbank
IBAN: DE70 2019 0003 0019 1901 90

Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE22 2005 0550 1280 3737 37

Donation receipt

A confirmation of tax-deductible contributions is considered a donation receipt for the German tax office for donations of up to 200 euros. For donations of more than 200 euros you will automatically receive a special donation receipt. To this end, please include your full address upon transfer.

"Due to our promotion of directly tax-deductible and charitable works, we are exempt from corporation tax as defined by §§ 51 ff. AO according to the last notice of exemption received by us from the Hamburg-Nord tax office, tax number 17/428/01205, published on 14.03.2017 according to § 5 paragraph 1 no.  9 KStG.

It is confirmed that, in accordance with § 50 paragraph 1 EStDV, the contribution is used only for the promotion of the following works:

(1) charitable works and
(2) the following non-profit works: public healthcare (§ 52 paragraph 2 line 1 no. 3 AO)."

Direct aid

In order to receive help quickly, please find a network partner close to your town. To do so, simply enter your zip code or town into the search field and click 'Search'.

More information on our direct aid measures can be found here: