Making applications

Who can make an application?
The Michael Stich Foundation only supports HIV-infected children and their families as well as HIV-exposed children up to six months of age. We ask that those affected do not directly contact the Michael Stich Foundation, but their supporting facility (e.g. AIDS support, club, hospital, doctor).

Only corresponding institutions can make an application for support with us.

Please take a look at our network. Here you can find the addresses of partners near you that have already worked together with the Michael Stich Foundation.

If you have any questions regarding an application, please feel free to phone our contact for applicants.

How is an application made?
If your institution would like to make an application to the Michael Stich Foundation, please submit the following documents to us together with an informal application:

  • a short description of the family situation
  • current proof of the financial income and expenditure of the family
  • proof of the HIV infection of the mother/child (in the case of an application for subsidization of baby milk, please include a copy of the expectant mother's record of prenatal and natal care and the due date.)
  • a specific estimate of costs
  • for first-time applicants we need a current notice of exemption and your statute

Why can't those affected apply for help directly?
In order to preserve anonymity and to ensure that the donated money actually gets to where it is needed, we work only with the institutions given. These carry out local checks.

After checking the submitted application, the institutions receive a written acceptance or rejection from us. As soon as an acceptance by us is at hand, the things applied for can be purchased. Those affected and/or the institutions pay up front and submit the original receipts to us together with the application number. Only then do we transfer the donated money administered by us to the institutions. Direct transfers to those affected are not possible.

Direct aid

In order to receive help quickly, please find a network partner close to your town. To do so, simply enter your zip code or town into the search field and click 'Search'.

More information on our direct aid measures can be found here: