Baby milk

Help for newborns

The Michael Stich Foundation finances baby milk for HIV-exposed babies until they reach six months of age in order to further minimize the risk of transmission of the illness from mother to child (see also Pregnancy & HIV). Children, whose mothers are HIV positive during pregnancy, have an initially unclear diagnosis. These children are referred to as HIV-exposed.

Applications for baby milk

We ask that pregnant women or mothers with newborns please contact a supporting facility (hospital personnel, AIDS support etc.). You can find the corresponding institutions in our network.

Applications for baby milk can be made to us only by these institutions. A maximum of 350 euros is subsidised for six months. Payment takes place in individual cases after checking and provided written acceptance. We require original documents for this. Make application

Direct aid

In order to receive help quickly, please find a network partner close to your town. To do so, simply enter your zip code or town into the search field and click 'Search'.

More information on our direct aid measures can be found here: