The first 'baggage claim area' TV advert was developed in 2007 and shown for free on RTL and VOX. Further adverts followed. All TV/cinema adverts can be viewed and downloaded here. Copying and sharing is expressly welcome!

The 'Russian roulette' advert comes from the repertoire of the director Vladimir Jedlicka. The idea for the second advert 'stomach messages' came from Jung von Matt Neckar and was produced pro bono by zeitsprung commercial. It is in this regard that we would like to thank Jung von Matt Neckar and Zeitsprung Commercial: Michael Souvignier and Fredy Messmer as well as director Vladimir Jedlicka.

Since then, the two new adverts have been shown on RTL since December 2008. The 'stomach messages' advert won first prize at the 'Social Spot Awards 2009'. Read more about the awards in the article in 'Kommunikation und Sponsoring'.

The latest advert, 'knowledge protects', from 2009 is the result of a project with students from 'die medienakademie'. The song in the advert was written and sung specifically for it. As part of the cross-media project the 'knowledge protects' advert, a documentary about HIV/AIDS, posters and other campaigns for young people in the public eye were developed and carried out by the students.

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Wissen schützt
Lalo Titenkov, gesungen von Wiebke Engel
Christian Wilckens
Russisch Roulette
Ohm Lab
Steve Johnsen

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